Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #33

Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #33

Back with another episode of X Club Wrestling. Its starts off with showing us how the “fighting champion,” The American Mean Girl, Christie Stevens, has taken the easy road to defend her title again and again. Now, GM James Jackson, Santa hat and all, asks Christie if she plans on fighting another jobber. Lady Amazon walks up, announcing herself as the next competitor. Before the match beings Christie attacks Lady Amazon. She has her fun for a while but Lady Amazon isn’t going to go down with out a fight. Lady Amazon manages to take control of battle even after everyone favorite dirty ref, Jessica Ryan, tries to stop her. Lady Amazon manages to get a pin on Christie, but with Jessica temporally laid out, there is no one to count the pin, till GI Jewell runs and and counts the pin. The girls celebrate but, HO HO HOLD IT! GM James Jackson steps out and says Jewell is not a ref and that pin does not count so, the match continues. Of course Jessica and Christie are back on their feet and attack Jewell and Lady Amazon from behind. Christie takes Jewell to one side and Jessica takes Lady Amazon to the other side. They both work over their opponents. Christie makes sure Jewell is out, than gets an official 3 count from Jessica over Lady Amazon. Once they are done with Lady Amazon they toss her from the ring and both set their sights on Jewell. They beat the crap out of Jewell and were going to leave her but Jewell calls them back with a challenge to a hardcore match. Christie and Jessica happily come back, give some more beating and humiliation to Jewell than Christie plants Jewell with her finisher, head 1st, outside on the concrete. Once again Christie and Jessica leave Jewell out cold and bleeding for the 2nd time in a row.

One of the things I love most about XCW is the fact that is episodic, the story is always building and i think something pretty big is coming. Was that challenge from Jewell for that moment or a future plan? I would like to see if a true hardcore tag match could happen and how would Christie cheat? Who would Jewell use as her partner? This was another episode that still leaves us wondering what are the faces of XCW going to do about all these Heels teaming up and taking them out again and again? At some point the faces have to fight back. Anyway you’re just not going to find a place that delivers better humiliation or more devastating beatdowns than prostyle fantasies. This finale raises the bar, that head first finisher was HUGE, it makes me wonder if Jewell will be back next time. If she is back, there is no way she’s going to be 100%. I cannot wait to see whats going to happen next!

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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