Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #32

Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #32

In this episode of X Club Wrestling we’re going to get some questions answered. Like where has GI Jewell been and what is she going to do about Christie Stevens turning on her during the X Club Rumble? Will The American Mean Girl, Christie Stevens ever have a fair title defense match? That 2nd question gets answered right away as Christie claims to be a fighting champion. She says she’s scoured the roster to find a worthy opponent. Of course what she’s really done is look for the weakest, least experienced girl on the roster as she announces, the sexy school girl, Staci as number one contender. Not only does Christie pick an inexperienced opponent but she’s also hired, dirty ref, Jessica Ryan to be on her side as well.

So the match begins and as expected Christie starts in control. Every time Staci got anywhere near taking control Jessica Ryan steps in to stop her from gaining any more advantage. It doesn’t take too long before Christie finishes off Staci, taking the easy win. Christie how ever is not done. Christie and Jessica not take their time abusing Staci in every imaginable way. Christie starts repeating her fishing move, trying to take Staci out of the business for good. That’s when GI Jewell decides to come to the rescue. Jewell manage to make enough space to try and wake Staci up which doesn’t work at first. But as soon as Christie confront GI Jewell, Staci makes her get away, leaving Jewell behind. GI Jewell asks why Christie turned on her? Christie says it because Jewell never had her back. Christie insists on them fighting it out. Jewell says she’s not going to fight her. Of course Christie and Jessica don’t have a problem with that as they being a double team attack on the refusing to fight back GI Jewell. They have their fun with her. The whole time talking crap and asking why would she come to the rescue and not plan to fight back. Jewell is out of it after they’ve had their fun but they aren’t quite done yet. The both stomp on Jewell’s head till she bleeds, finally satisfied with they’re destruction, they leave her there.

I absolutely love the domination it this. Staci who isn’t good enough to fight back against the 2 heels and GI Jewell who refused to even try. Not sure what Jewell thought would happen choosing not to fight back. These girls aren’t the, feeling guilty about their actions type. Anyway, absolute great selling from both jobbers and the story is really great. I want to see if the heavily out numbered faces can make a stand against the dirty fighting heels? I wonder if the Sinn and Annie feud will pick back up again? Will The American Mean Girl, Christie Stevens ever have a fair fight, who knows? I can’t wait to find out.

Overall Score: 9/10