Review of Wrestling Trilogy

Review of Wrestling Trilogy

Here is a fun, creative video. Payton is ready for her match versus a masked jobber known as “The Pink Devil.” Famous for having yet to win a match. So, no surprise that Payton quickly and easily defeats the pretty pink jobber, with her Iron claw finisher. Payton, after defeating her foe, states the the camera that she would like to take on the champion, Becca. Rick informs Payton that Becca will be in a non title match tonight, versus Lady X. Payton says she’s be around for that.

Becca’s match begins, Becca doesn’t dominate her black masked opponent, but after a impressive head scissors type hold and a tight bear hug, Lady X is out cold, giving Becca the easy pin for the win. Lady x slithers from the ring a Becca grabs her belt. Rick tells Becca that she’s been challenged by Payton, Becca confidently accepts her challenge.

Flash to next week as we watch Payton enter the ring. Than Becca rushes in catching Payton, still in her robe, off guard. Becca starts off with some corner punches that uses Payton’s robe to cover her face and hit her with a clothesline. Becca take off Payton’s robe and throws it from the ring, but when she turns back around Payton hits Becca with a low blow, than slaps on her Iron Claw finisher. Becca struggles for a bit, that hulks up and breaks free. Before the shocked Payton can do anything about it Becca slaps on a bearhug, which causes Payton to pretty quickly tap out. Becca may have won, but she’s not done with Payton yet. Becca claims to know that Payton is Lady X. Than picks up Payton for a massive piledriver that puts Payton out cold and twitching. Becca take a victory pose as the match ends.

I think this video is great. It’s like a three video series all summed up in one. I really like each of the matches and would like to see something like this again, but longer. Each match was over so quick, it had me wanting more. The Pink Devil is awesome. I would love to see the struggles and failures in trying to get a win. All the outfits are awesome. I really want to see more masks on jobbers. It cool to see the masked wrestler be the jobber, because so often the masked one is the heel. The one question i do have is, how did Becca know that Payton was Lady X and Payton not know that Becca was The Pink Devil? So, overall it’s a great vid, good selling, good outfits, well executed moves and a fun story. Easily worth checking out and I hope we see more from The Pink Devil and Lady X soon.

Overall Score: 9/10