Review of Wrestling Kayla- Pedigree

Review of Wrestling Kayla- Pedigree

Another simple rinse and repeat review for you guys today. Kayla is repeatedly pedigreed by her boyfriend. She got some super tight pants on that become pretty see through when she’s bent over and you get plenty of good shots a her butt as she struggles trying not to get slammed into the mat. She doesn’t get KO’d from the repeated pedigrees but she does get kinda weak. Her boyfriend holds her down with her foot and she struggles to get back up. Even the last pedigree doesn’t knock her out at 1st, but when she tries to get up she passes out.

Once again, simple and short works for me. I do wish they would take a second to explain whats going on or at least have some back and forth chatter during the action. I would have liked her to get KO’d after each pedigree and woken up for the next. The ending can still be the same. I love her yoga pants or tights or whatever you want to call them. They leave very little to the imagination as they turn from black to more and more skin toned as she is bent and struggling.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


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