Review of Training May

Review of Training May

We have a brand new face at FWR and its Carrie’s sister May! Rick thinks it’s a good idea to let Becca show May the ropes. Once Becca finds out that May is Carrie’s sister, an evil grin come to her face as she accept to “help” train May. Becca meets May in the ring and after a friendly hand shake to the inexperienced noob, Becca goes on the attack, taking full advantage of May. Unfortunately for Becca, she’s not getting to Squash May today as Carrie is in the building. When Becca sees, Carrie you would have thought she saw a ghost. Becca tries to quickly explain herself but Carrie isn’t going to give her that chance. Carrie KO’s Becca with the quickness and than checks on her sister. She takes a second to calm May down, than the training really begins and Becca get to be the training dummy. Carrie shows off a few moves and May gets to try them too. The whole time Becca is kept weak or KO’d. To wrap things up Carrie and May do a double stunner on Becca, than Carrie shows May how to pin and do a victory pose.

This was exactly what i hoped for when I heard that May was Carrie’s sister. I think there should be lots of them having each others back, some successful and some not so successful. Don’t get to see May sell too much but she is definitely super cute and if sells at all like her sister she’ll be a huge hit. Its was great to see Becca as the test dummy, I love the she was really weak as Carrie and May get train on her. Another great job by Becca and another great, fun clip from FWR.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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    becca 🙁