Got a big one here, as a lot happens in each of these segments. I’ll do my best not to go on too long.

First up is “SCHOOL’S OUT” with Addie and Paris, dressed in school costumes with thick socks and black shoes. They start a fight over the guy they’re both dating. At first it the just talked but before you know it, the fists start flying. They go back and forth a while, knocking each other out. Finally the agree to settle things with a black jack contest. Last one still conscious, wins. SK comes in at the end to inspect the damage and carry them both to a couch to sleep it off.

Next vid is “ATEMI.” The 1st one of popular series. This one is also the simplest of the set. Addie and Jackson both dressed in really cool street fighter like costumes. They go back and forth with these quick KO belly attacks as well as a few other quick KO techniques. There’s a ton of KOs and of course double KOs as well.

Last one, “ONCE UPON A SPY 2,” is arguably the most unique one of these clips. Addie plays and evil agent trying to force information out of security guard Eliza. Eliza starts out tired to a chair, promising to make Addie eat her hat. Eliza does get loose and fight back. She has control for a while, than a missed wall splash gives Addie control again. Eliza somehow finds more fight and gains the upper hand again and defeats Addie. Before leaving Eliza fills her promise and stuffs Addie’s hat in her unconscious mouth.

A lot of action here. All these clips are quite different than you normal SKW videos. If you are looking for bikinis and bare feet than you might not like these, but I, on the other hand, liked most of these costumes. The Atemi ones where my favorite. The once upon the spy customs where my least favorite. They fit great for the roles but they are not very sexy.

Now, as far as the selling goes Addie put on a great performance in each and every clip. Than Eliza was the next most impressive performance. My favorite overall clip was Atemi. It has tons of KOs and great reactions from Addie and Jackson. Plus the outfits were my favorite of the bunch, as well. In 2nd place for me was the Spy clip. I really liked the action in that one. Lots of great punches and reactions, great clip. Don’t get me wrong, The 1st clips with Paris was also really good. The costumes are cool. The action is great and the selling is great. So in the end, these clips are all just different levels of great. So, check them out. they’re totally worth it.

Overall Score: 8.5/10