Review of THE TEACHER 7

A lot happens in this 4 in 1 clip release. It starts off with Fantasy teaching Faith and Helena some basic wrestling moves, but after Fantasy has a little fun putting both students to sleep with a sleeper, the Students get mad an try to take out their teacher. Fantasy isn’t having that as she’s soon is back in control and put the both girls back out out with a double stunner and a really awesome double pin.

Faith takes the skills she learned from Fantasy and uses them in a match verses Jenelle Sinclair. Faith starts off really strong knocking out Jenelle a number of times but Jenelle comes back in great fashion taking complete control and was getting ready to take the win when Fantasy runs in and saves her student, assisting Faith with the win.

Next is Fantasy’s match versus Hellena Heavenly. This time Hellena takes control first as she attacks Fantasy as she was talking to SK. Hellena gets the first couple KOs in before Fantasy turns it all around. This time before Fantasy was ready to take the win Nevaeh does the run in to save the day. Now both Hellena and Nevaeh take down Fantasy but the party is short lived as SK comes in to stop the madness and lay down the law. He takes out both Nevaeh and Hellena. After they are all sleeping he make a match, a four way free for all match with, Jenelle, Hellena, Fantasy and Nevaeh. Everyone for themselves.

Its free for all time and all the girls are ready to go. A great battle erupts as all girls go at it, pulling no punches for anyone. Too many thing happen to say as the girls tangle and switch partners over and over. Jenelle and Nevaeh go down first. Than Hellena tries to take down Fantasy with piledriver but Fantasy isn’t going down with out a fight. Fantasy scissors Hellena while in her piledriver which causes Hellena to go down piledriving Fantasy. Fantasy is able to roll herself over and off of Hellena before passing out, which I guess gave SK enough reason to call Fantasy the last one standing, giving her the win.

This is a great throwback video as it is so awesome to see all these girls in action again. All the girls performed great. I can’t think of anything I would want to complain about. It was really great to see Nevaeh again as she is a personal favorite of mine. A lot of great action in a little under an hour of footage.

Overall Score: 9/10