Monica Jade is hanging out with SK talking about waiting on her mystery opponent, when said opponent appears from behind, dressing in all black, with a cape and a mask. when the mystery opponent attacks, Monica is quick enough to reverse it and take control. Monica knocks out the opponent and removes her cape and mask to reveal that it’s none other than, SKW veteran Jackson. SK warns Monica that Jackson will just attack wrestlers with out reason, so if she wants to fight her she better make sure she stays out. Monica does a good job of heeding to SK waring as she keeps Jackson out of it. Going for a pin, however, Jackson manages to sneak a syringe from her boot and stab Monica in the leg with it. Monica rolls away in pain and tries to crawl away, but passes out from the drug. Jackson now regaining her senses goes on the attack. Jackson really having a great time as she completely demolishes Monica for the rest of the clip.

I think everyone will be happy to see Jackson back on the mats again and she shows that she hasn’t lost a step. Jackson puts on a hell of a show as she very entertaining while she takes Monica apart.

This is Monica’s first good attempt and an over the top KOs match and she did good. I really like her performance. There are a few small things that will get better when she gets a few more chances to do these over the top matches, but still a great job by Monica.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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