This is temperamentally the last installment of the mother of all battles series until one of these two teams come back for more. Of course the best is saved for last as we have Ellena and Fantasy teaming up against Amanda and Sin D. The match start off with Amanda vs Fantasy. After a little back and forth action, Amanda takes control over Fantasy. Amanda nails a x-factor KO and goes for a pin. Fantasy is not done however. She kicks out and starts to mount a comeback with a huge DDT on Amanda as she tags in Ellena. Fantasy and Ellena try a double team clothesline. They get one off but Amanda reverses the second and makes a quick tag to her mom. Sin D jumps in and start putting the boots to Ellena and Fantasy. Than adds a double DDT to put them both down and out. Sin D than tosses Fantasy out of the proverbial fight area and starts to work over Ellena for a while, before Ellena fights back and works over Sin D. Ellena almost gets the win but Amanda breaks up the pin. Amanda now takes over the match, stomping on Ellena and looking Fantasy in the eyes asking, what are you going to do about it? She keeps working over Ellena while talking crap to Fantasy, till Ellena gets her knees up on a belly splash. That leave both girls down and reaching for their respective mommas. They make tags in sync and both mothers come rushing in. Sin D ends up and control and stays in control until Amanda is ready to come back in. They team up on Fantasy as Ellena yells from her corner. Doesn’t take too long for Ellena to have seen enough and comes in to save the day. Ellena brakes up the double team, helps her mom back up and they start the beginning of the end for Sin D and Amanda. Fantasy and Ellena put on a few move on their opponents. than a big sleeper for Amanda and Sin D put them out and simultaneous pin to crown Fantasy and Ellena the 1st ever mother daughter SKW tag team champions.

Alright so, 1st let me apologize for getting a little carried away in the summery of this one, but its a fun match to talk about. I really enjoyed this flow of this match. everyone gets a fair shake at winning and losing. Ellena was on the losing end a little more than everyone though. Ellena is getting better at selling, so, i still want to see more of her. Fantasy and Sin D are pros. I couldn’t think of anything they could do better. Amanda is however my favorite in this one. I love when she was winning over Ellena and just talking smack and keeping Ellena just out of reach for a tag. That and she just looks amazing. But in the end, the best part of the match is, how well it was done. Its got great flow, the match is exciting from beginning to end. it never feels slow and the back and forth battle is exactly what this should have been.

Overall Score: 9/10


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