Review of Testing Raven and Layla

Review of Testing Raven and Layla

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Rick is testing out Raven and Layla with a fight bot, the “Jenny 2000.” Jenny has 3 settings, easy to hard. After the girls get through their interviews outside the ring, the start off on easy, both girls easily dominate with kicks and punches. So Rick ups the difficultly. This time Jenny puts up a bit of a fight but both Layla and Raven pretty much beat Jenny pretty easily. Raven even breaks the fight bot with the help of some kind of power up gloves and they have to take a time out to fix her. On to round 3, Rick ups the difficultly one more time and this time Layla decides that she wants to go 1st this time. Jenny absolutely destroys Layla, knocking her out pretty quickly. Than when Jenny turns to Raven, Raven heads for the door fast, but Jenny catches her and carries her back to the ring. Raven tries to fight back but its no use. Jenny starts to dominate and almost knocks her out. Raven make goes to wake up Layla for her help. Layla detracts Jenny long enough for Raven to put on her power gloves again. Once the gloves are on Raven’s and Layla’s punches are having a huge effect on Jenny and soon enough Jenny is laid out again and the girls have successful passed their test.

Once again some great creativity coming from FWR. I really like this idea, using a test robot with difficultly levels is great idea. I do wish Jenny dominated more because Raven and Layla both look awesome and when they were having a hard time was the most entertaining part of the video. The power gloves thing was never really explained, they kind of just showed up. I wish that was better explained or at least told us that she had them. I did love how “Jenny 2000” broke and made her twitch, that was comical and awesome. The action is great, mainly kicks and punches and its all very well done. I would like to more using this idea, this was a lot of fun.

Overall Score: 8/10


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