New comer Lucy Purr is making her debut at SKW by getting a little training in wrestling from Jacquelyn Velvets. Jackie starts the lessons off with some snap mares that she does on Lucy. Than Jackie shows Lucy how do to a sleeper, with out any pressure. When Lucy tries it, she accidentally put on the pressure and Jackie goes out quick. Lucy shocked quickly wakes up Jackie, showering her in apologies. Jackie accepts her apology but after demonstrating a punch to the jaw, a stunner, and a neck scissors with Lucy accidentally knocking out Jackie each and every time, Jackie has had enough. Jackie takes full advantage of Lucy being a rookie and completely dominates her. Velvets starts off with some brutal belly punches, following up with a sleeper hold, body stomps, face punching, kicks to the face, stunner/sleeper hold combo. Than Jacquelyn forces Lucy to douse a rag with chloroform only to have it used on her. Satisfied Jackie takes her last pin and leaves Lucy to think over her lessons.

Anything that in involves Jackie getting KO’s is something I want to see. She is one of the best sellers at SKW and she never, ever disappoints. Lucy is brand new, she sells pretty good and is incredibly sexy. Her selling is a little rough around the edges but definitely a great starting point. I like these kind of videos because you get to see the selling of an experienced girl next to a new girl and that’s always a good way to see how good a new girl sells. Plus the idea is funny, accidentally knocking out your trainer till she kicks your ass, that’s just funny, for us.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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