So in this 2 in 1 wonder destruction video we have two different destruction both with a glimmer of hope for our heroines.

1st one, which maybe the other way around on the website, but the 1st one i got here is Wonder Jackie vs Takaiji. Takaiji just got back from her last robbery when Wonder Jackie comes in to bring her to justice. Jackie gets one solid punch in, but it has no effect on Takaiji. Than Takaiji picks up Jackie and put her on her shoulders in to a torture rack. The added hand over mouth has Jackie out cold in seconds. A few more back breakers and carries, till Takaiji prepares a chloro rag that puts Jackie out again. But Takaiji leaves the rag right by the sleeping Jackie and she is off to do something else. Jackie wakes up and sees the rag. she takes it and gets the jump one Takaiji who still isn’t paying attention. Takaiji actually gets taken down from the chloro. Jackie grabs some rope and gets ready to make sure that Takaiji stays out, but when she come towards Takaiji with the rag, Takaiji springs back to life grabbing Jackie by the throat. once on top again, Takaiji takes the rag and puts Jackie out again. She than uses a dust mask on Jackie, which makes Jackie struggle a little but she is too weak to do anything. Once Jackie is out again Takaiji ties her hands behind her back and carries her away.

Jackie is absolutely one of the best performers ever. I just can never get enough of her selling. This is just more outstanding work from her. Takaiji as always makes an awesome heel and her strength is perfect for all there carries that she does. A great video and my favorite of the 2 in this package.

The 2nd clip is Sentry Serena vs Wonder Keri. Its doesn’t take Keri long to have Serena out cold after she reversed Serena’s bear hug. When Keri tries her own bear hug Serena use a reverse sleeper to break free and put Keri out as well. The rest of the battle belongs to Serena as she puts Keri through her paces, with many tight hold that force Keri to make some great faces as she’s passing out. A final over the shoulder carry marks the end as Serena carries her away to met up with her crew.

I really enjoyed this one as well, as Serena does a great job of keeping Keri down and out. Some great reaction from Keri and she is choked out and smothered by Serena. I wouldn’t call any of them over the top reaction except for when Keri gets choked her lasso. That face is absolutely the best face i have ever seen from Keri.

Overall Score: 9/10