Review of Sumiko vs Saya Prostyle

Review of Sumiko vs Saya Prostyle

This one lands right in the middle of the road for most of you guys here as Sumiko takes on Saya in a prostyle battle. When the match begins Sumiko is right away in control but after a few belly punches and some head scissors Saya decides its her turn. Now, Saya is the one giving out belly punches. A body slam later Sumiko fights back with a piledriver. Its the 1st on many in this back and battle as neither girl gets control for long and there are a ton of piledrivers handed out from both girls. That is until Sumiko finally runs out of gas and is exhausted. Saya takes total control from here handing out plenty of trash talk and a few piledrivers before Saya finally takes her final pin and Victory pose.

This is a great vid as it has a great amount of piledrivers and and some other wrestling moves too. There’s nothing fancy about this one it’s just a good back and forth battle with a great ending. I like when Sumiko finally tires out because early in the match it felt like the piledrives just had no effect on either girl as the tides tuned back and forth with out any fatigue. So when Sumiko became exhausted it was great. I glad Saya didn’t just end the match when she knew she could. She instead rubbed it in Sumiko’s face for a bit, knowing Sumiko could do anything about it. That is easily the best part of the video.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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