Review of Sinn Sage vs Darrius Boxing Rematch 2

Review of Sinn Sage vs Darrius Boxing Rematch 2

Darrius has a series of matches Vs Sinn Sage, in this case he lost the last one and is back for revenge. He interrupts Sinn, practicing, promising his revenge. Revenge is the only thing that happens as Sinn is helpless to stop Darrius’ attacks. The rules agreed to are simple, keep fighting till one is knocked out, no 10 count. As the match goes on Sinn can’t get up on her own fast enough for Darrius, but he has no problem helping the weak and woozy Sinn back up to her wobbly legs. Didn’t take too many times of helping her up, to get her to stay down for the night.

Sinn does an incredible job in this one. She is just all over the place, trying to stay on her feet and trying, but failing to fight back. She even talks tough most of the time. I love that there is no rounds and no 10 count. It makes the knock downs much better because there is no hurry to get her back up and every time Sinn goes down you wonder if she’s done this time. Another great one sided boxing match.

Overall Score: 9/10

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  • DV

    Love how Sinn keeps coming in this one even as she’s totally outclassed and picked apart by Darrius. Finish was a nice callback to their first match, as she succumbs to the same combo (two body blows, two punches to the face and an uppercut to put her out). I like the nudge to her ass to check her after the KO, before turning her over for the victory pose.

    Needless to say, Sinn looks amazing. I always love when she fights in a thong. Adds a lot those face-down knockdowns. 😉