Sumiko is ready for a new challenge, so she has SK set her up with a training program versus 8 sentries. SK warns that this will be difficult and she need to stay on her guard. Once the program is started we see the 8 sentries are Heather West, Alisa Kiss, Keri Spectrum, Jacquelyn Velvets, Galas, Jessica Nicole, Lucy Purr, and Candle Boxxx. They’re all lined up and Sumiko, with her gas mask on sprays them all down. They struggle for a bit, but soon they are all out cold. Sumiko takes her mask off, than piles them up in a great body pile. Sumiko than takes her victory pose. SK congratulates Sumiko then sprays her in the face and Sumiko joins the pile on the floor. The next level is more of same but this time Sumiko has to sleeper all the girls out after the spray is applied and each sentry goes out in the butts up pose. While Sumiko examines her work SK taps her on the shoulder and punches her. Sumiko passes out in the same pose and we have the biggest row of butts up girl, with a Sumiko cherry on top, ever in SKW or ever anywhere really. The rest of the levels are similar, Sumiko successfully KOs all 8 sentries, piles them up and then is attacked by SK and added to the pile.

Body piles is the name of the game and the only way to improve the 8 girl piles of the past is to add more. If you can’t get 10 girls at once, what can you do? Add the heel of the sentry vid to the pile of course. That is such a great idea, its a total win win. now you have a great sentry vid and the biggest body piles ever. I love how each time Sumiko is surprised, KO’d and added too the pile, especially the last one where the girls are all piled on top of each other. Another thing i found really cool is that each and every bathing suit has designs on them and some of them are really cool, like Keri’s or Galas’. If you’re a fan of body piles, dragging, gas masks, pantyhose, or a fan of the fan fav, butts up pose, than this is a vid you’ll definitely enjoy.

Overall Score: 8/10


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