Review of Sasha Meets The Queen

Review of Sasha Meets The Queen

Finally it is Sasha’s turn to face the Queen Antoinette and Sasha starts off in strong fashion as she dominates Antoinette for not one but 2 rounds. Antoinette doesn’t get in any offense at all until Sasha turns her back on Antoinette, asking the camera, “where this queen everyone was making a big deal about?” Of course while Sasha has her back turned, Antoinette gets back up and is on the attack. From this point forward its the kind of match that we are used to seeing. Antoinette making literal light work of Sasha. Antoinette takes the next 3 rounds with out any issues and declares herself the winner, leaving Sasha laid out in the ring.

I’m very impressed with Sasha, she did a great job on the 1st half of this match. She made it looked easy to control Antoinette. Than when Antoinette takes control, Sasha sold it all great. Antoinette of course is amazing and I’m really liking how she’s been having a harder time with her opponents. Makes her overall performances better. So if you liked any previous installment, than your guaranteed to love this one. But Antoinette has now defeated Sasha, who’s next?

Overall Score: 9/10


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