Review of Rookie Showdown

Review of Rookie Showdown

In this one we have two rookies getting ready to duke it out. Payton tries to show a little sportsmanship by going into the dressing room and introducing herself to Ericka and wishing her good luck. Ericka doesn’t care about any of that as she shows Payton no respect. The match begins and Ericka is in control right away, soon tossing Payton from the ring. Ericka tries real hard to piledrive her on the concrete outside the ring, but Payton stops that. Ericka tosses Payton back into the ring and Payton takes advantage of Ericka getting back in to take control of the battle. A great sleeper almost ends it, but Ericka isn’t done yet. Payton now tosses Ericka out of the ring, trying to suplex her from the couch to the floor, but Ericka doesn’t let that happen. Payton does stay in control as the action re-enters the ring. The girls exchange some scissors, Ericka almost finishes Payton with her own sleeper, than Payton stops Ericka from trying to jump of the turnbuckle which creates the opportunity for Payton to nail a piledriver and end this Rookie showdown. There’s also an alternate ending where Ericka gets the piledriver and the win.

The title might be called Rookie showdown but both these girls handle themselves very well. Their moves are executed well and sold good too. I like the back and forth action, the girls are equally sized and skilled so, the change in control works well. The beginning scene puts some emotion into this and has you rooting for Payton the whole time. So i was happy to see that she won. I was also happy to see that alternate ending because Payton is super cute and i wanted to see to KO’d and pinned, a win win. Overall, a great back forth battle, just a few KOs, the little bit of story adds interest and great endings.

Overall Score: 8/10


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