Review of Rookie on the Ropes

Review of Rookie on the Ropes

Fem Wrestling Rooms has a new wrestler and her name is Ryan. Ryan’s first match is against veteran wrestler Sasha. I think the experience plays a major difference in this one as Sasha takes control right away and never gives Ryan any chances. Sasha has a great time using the ring ropes as her weapons of choice. Sasha basically makes this a handicapped match as the roped become her partner. Ryan is choked, bent and held down by the ropes and Sasha. In the end Sasha ties Ryan’s arms in the ropes, throws in a couple belly punches for good measure, than sleepers her out for the night. Giving her a little kiss before leaving her tied in the ropes to rest up.

This is exactly why i love ring matches, using the ring as a weapon is always a lot of fun to watch. I love how helpless one can be trapped in the ropes as their opponent does what they please. This is a great squash, very creative moves and use of the ring ropes. Ryan is brand new and she looks a little shy and nervous at the beginning, but she sells great for an newcomer and she looks really cute. Sasha, dressed in all black except for her socks, plays the perfect, sexy, evil heel. She looks amazing and is totally merciless as she clearly enjoys destroying this rookie. A great first impression from Ryan. I definitely look forward to seeing her again.

Overall Score: 8/10


  • klaas

    Sasha looks awesome! specially in those killer boots!!