Review of Randy Moore vs Hollywood Foxy Boxing

Review of Randy Moore vs Hollywood Foxy Boxing

In this boxing battle the have the outstanding Randy Moore going toe to toe with the legendary Hollywood. The match starts off in Hollywood’s favor as Randy is the first one to hit the mat, but before the end of round one Hollywood takes a trip to the canvas as well. In round two Randy starts to take control as Hollywood beings to slow. At the beginning of round 3 it is clear the Hollywood is in big trouble, she’s had a few too many punches to the face and now is struggling to stay on her feet. Randy pretty much just plays with Hollywood as she is sure in her victory. Eventually Hollywood can take no more and goes out for an easy ten count.

Good to see both these girls in a boxing match as I am a huge fan of both of them. I did think Hollywood was going to pull out the win, but Randy felt otherwise. The last round is easily my favorite part as Hollywood is totally punch drunk and goes down a lot only to barely make it back up to her wobbly legs. She sold it so well, which surprises no one, because, its Hollywood. Good to see a match like this, sometimes its good to just have a regular boxing match.

Overall Score: 9/10

  • sloan

    Randy moore is hot.. she should be doing more fighting videos.. thanks for posting this here 🙂

    • Randy is amazing. I will be covering stuff from her store as soon as i can, stay tuned!