Review of ProStyleFantasies: X Club Wrestling #30!

Review of ProStyleFantasies: X Club Wrestling #30!

I got a new one for you guys, this time I am going to cover Prostyle Fantasies’ newest release. I had a couple of you guys ask if I would review this and I’m here to deliver.

For those that don’t know, Prostyle Fantasies’ videos are episodic. Meaning they are all connected at tell a continuation of a big story.

In this one Sinn is still handling blow back from her upset win a few months back, as she is yet again sneak attacked at the start of the episode.

More things still to be settled from the rumble event is, between the new comer, The Warrior and The Dominator. they have a good back and forth match as they both have times where they are in and out of control. That is until the leader of team evil, The Marquise runs in to help out her new friend The Dominator. The duo wreak havoc on not only The Warrior, but the ref, JC Marie, gets some as well. Is it enough to take down The Warrior or will the The Warrior get one over on The Dominator again? You’ll have to grab this one to find out.

I love these matches. You just never really know what’s going to happen next. There are a couple a good KO and having the ref there, who is only there to be an annoying ref and then get KO’s and taken advantage of, is the best unnecessary addition to these matches. I love that all these videos are episodes, so you end up with teams a rivalries, it’s all awesome. Every one here sells good and the fight choreography is awesome. Also the costumes are great, The Warrior’s is may favorite. You guys should check this one out.

Overall Score: 9/10