Part 2 picks up right where part one leaves off. Sumiko is out cold face down on the floor with her tongue out, drooling and snoring. There is no fight left in Sumiko but Kamilla isn’t satisfied yet. She tried to wake Sumiko but Sumiko continues snoring. Kamilla tries again to get Sumiko up. This time Sumiko tries to sit up but fails and passes back out on her face. Kamilla’s had enough fun with this and drags Sumiko back to her feet to begin a series of chloroform attacks. First one being a chloro/temple drill combo attack. This kind of combo attacks are the main goal for Kamilla in the half. She uses chloro combo attacks to leave Sumiko drooling and snoring on the floor. Sumiko never comes close to fighting back or every being truly conscious. After a good amount chloroform Kamilla is finally satisfied and leaves Sumiko out cold drooling and snoring. Who know how long later, the camera interviews a mostly conscious, slightly cross eyed Sumiko. It’ clear that Sumiko has quite fully recovered as the talks about how embarrassed she is, but still knows how beautiful she is. I guess she hasn’t learned her lesson yet.

The second half of this awesome video is quite different than the first half, but is still really over the top and amazing. I’m not a huge fan of the snoring thing. I don’t have anything against it, it just doesn’t add anything for me. There are some great shots of Sumiko’s incredible body stretched out and the chloro combo moves are creative and expertly sold. Definitely a lot less wrestling in this half but the over the top action doesn’t lose a step. A great follow up to the first half. So contact Sumiko directly at and get this epic video.

Overall Score: 10/10


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