Sumiko is checking he Facebook, reading all the comments telling her how pretty she is. She can’t help but agree with her fans. Kamilla walks in, overhearing Sumiko from the other room, she doesn’t agree and promises to embarrass Sumiko. Sumiko says that’s not possible and when Kamilla vows to make Sumiko drool, Sumiko throws her to the ground. Turning her back to the Kamilla Sumiko says to the camera, no matter what her face is bound to stay beautiful. Kamilla takes the opportunity to catch Sumiko off guard with a powerful punch that lays Sumiko out cold. Kamilla start squeezing and poking Sumiko’s face making her tongue pop out, tying to force her to drool. That’s was her whole goal through the rest of this one sides beatdown. Kamilla would KO Sumiko trying to make her drool and was often succeeded as Sumiko is forced trough many KOs with lots of eyerolling, tongue sticking out and of drooling. Near the end Sumiko gets a good moment of consciousness, as she was out of it for most of the battle. She realizes what has been happening to her and is incredibly embarrassed. Sumiko begs the camera man for a rag to wipe her face. The camera man throws a white rag in the middle of the floor which Kamilla quickly swoops up and presses it to Sumiko’s face. They only one surprised that it is was chloroform, was Sumiko as she is quickly laid out again and this brings part one to a close.

This absolutely one of the best “over the top” KO videos i have ever seen. Sumiko’s selling is amazing as there is so much tongue hanging out, great eyerolling and drooling. This is the kind of video all us “over the top” fans have to own. I’ve had this video forever and still watch it regularly, because its just that good. If you haven’t figured it out this is a definite must own. I didn’t find this one in Suimko’s C4S, so contact her directly at and get it!

Overall Score: 10/10


  • sumiko fan

    I cant seem to find this video. Do you have any way of adding a link or something?