Review of Pie Fight

Review of Pie Fight

The title of this video caught my attention right away, than when i look at the preview, i had to have it. In this video Antoinette stands near the ring, cream pie in hand. Carrie is a bit shocked as she enters the room. Antoinette challenges Carrie to a match, loser, catches the pie to the face. Carrie hesitates, but excepts Antoinette’s challenge. Antoinette put the pie down and the both head for the ring. The match begins and Antoinette is in control right away. Antoinette use a foot choke and torture rack, just to name a few to weaken Carrie, but Carrie isn’t just going to let Antoinette dominate this one as she breaks out of a camel clutch, than ducks a clothesline to take control of the battle. Carrie shows of her skills as she tosses Antoinette around a little than put her in a cross face and an impressive corner head scissors. A failed pin attempt makes Antoinette go for a weapon she hid in the turnbuckle earlier. She takes a wild swing at Carrie, which Carrie ducks and rolls up Antoinette for a surprising 3 count and the win. A surprised and upset Antoinette doesn’t want to take her punishment but Rick won’t let her welch, forcing Antoinette to take her place and receive her punishment. Carrie is all too happy to pie Antoinette. Antoinette takes her seat and Carrie smushes the cream pie in Antoinette face as she laughs. The pie sticks to Antoinette face and she has to toss it to the side. Antoinette begins to cry as Carries dies of laughter. Rick gets Carries to take a victory pose as Antoinette tries to get the cream from her face. Carrie leaves still laughing as Antoinette stays crying and wiping pie from her face.

When I saw the pics to this video i laughed so long i had to see it. The match its self was not too exciting. Its performed perfectly and sold well. I was happy to the expected Antoinette domination didn’t happen, but surprise roll up pins, in my opinion, just sucks. I hate matches ending that way. It would have been much better if Carrie made Antoinette drop her weapon, take it and knock her out cold with it. Than Carrie would have to wake her up and give her the bad news. Anyway, on to the best part of this video. I am still surprised that this really happened. I don’t know how many models are cool enough to do this. So a huge applause to Antoinette for being awesome and letting us have this hilarious video. I was in tears laughing at this video, in fact i still laugh now as i type this thinking about it. One of the many reasons I love FWR is because of videos like this. Videos that are different and very very funny. I do think this video is worth it. The match is good, i just didn’t like the ending and the pie facing is easily the funniest think i have seen since Drunk Boxing, which is also a creative, funny video from FWR.

Overall Score: 8/10


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