Review of OUT FOR GOOD 7

Review of OUT FOR GOOD 7

Got a great throwback video for you guys today. Helena is ready to challenge Sapphire, at least that what she said in her pre-match interview. Helena even starts off in charge and tries to end things quick as she brings a chair into the match. She tried to take a swing with chair but Sapphire stops her, takes the chair and lays it into Helena with it. Helena goes out like she got hit in the head with a chair, because she did. Sapphire figures the match is over but SK informs her that Helena has to say I quit before the match can officially end. Sapphire returns to the mats, Helena is still out and it was a little hard for Sapphire to wake her up. Once Helena is up Sapphire starts in on a 30 plus minute beating that Helena sure hasn’t forgotten. Helena suffers though many torturing holds and KOs. I think at many times Helena wanted to give up just was too out if to say it. Finally a tight sleeper makes Helena give it up, but Sapphire’s not done. A very intense temple drill is than applied to Helena. Than a stunner and a pump handle slam. Than somehow, while Sapphire was talking to SK Helena wakes up a tries to get back to her feet. That earns her a swift kick to the face. A final victory pose from Sapphire and Helena is left to rest up.

This is a video that after watching i wondered how in the world did i let it take this long for me to see this. This video is outstanding as Helena puts on one hell of a show. There is lots of eyerolling, to the best of Helena’s ability, ragdolling, a little bit of twitching and a little bit of drooling. A combination made for success. Sapphire does exactly what she’s best at, which is dominating, making it look easy and having a good time while doing it. I’m really glad i went back a got this and i strongly advise you do too.

Overall Score: 9.5/10


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