Review of Niki Lee Young Challenges The Queen

Review of Niki Lee Young Challenges The Queen

The next one to challenge “The Queen,” Antoinette is Niki Lee Young. Niki stands ready in the ring as Antoinette walks in and makes her challenge to Niki. They start with a arm wrestling battle which Antoinette won pretty easily. Than the match gets started and Niki takes control right off the bat. Niki stays on control for about half the match, really working over Antoinette gaining a few pins along the way. Antoinette finally gets a chance to take control and does just that. Once back in the driver seat, Antoinette really starts getting her payback on Niki. KOs, pin falls and painful submission a plenty, till Antoinette has had enough fun, but, not before rolling Niki from the ring and finishing Niki properly with a great 20 count pin and a headscissors that turns into a great victory pose.

Normally I really like when Antoinette has a hard time in these matches because i like to see her KO’d, but rather have her win, but this time, Niki sold soo good that i wanted so much more of Antoinette dominating her. That being said, clearly the 2nd half of this match is my favorite part. Niki is just so good and so pretty that it was just so great to see her losing. I’m not saying that Antoinette didn’t sell as good as she normally does, it just Niki was better and her being a visitor makes it special.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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