SK explains to us that he has found a trader in his ranks and is planning on using her as a demonstration tool. He goes on explaining the belly torture he is planning on dishing out. He turns to Natasha already tied up with her belly on display. She begs for his forgiveness but he’s not going to hear it as he begins to discuss and distribute his punishment. SK continues he belly lessons through a couple of KOs till she promises never to cross him again and he is satisfied. Than Natasha tries to crawl away. SK isn’t about to let that happen. He lets her crawl to the door than uses the door as a weapon to squeeze the air from her midsection till she passes out. Than makes sure she’s out and leaves her there.

This video is perfect for Natasha fans and belly torture fans. Which I happen to be both. Natasha, as expected, totally sells this perfectly and she looks outstanding. Which is why we all love Natasha and hate that she’s gone. So, that’s it. A great belly torture vid, with a great performance and a little bit of a story behind it. If your a fan of any of those things than you’ll enjoy this.

Overall Score: 9/10


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