Review of Mysterious Woman

Review of Mysterious Woman

Sassi plays a mysterious woman who has a common enemy with Antoinette. That common enemy is Tara and Liz wants to test Antoinette to see is she is capable of beating Tara. So a boxing match ensues. Sassi lets Antoinette take control at 1st. Antoinette seems to have an effect on Sassi but not a great one, as the every time Sassi gets the chances she says that she thinks Antoinette is not ready for Tara. Antoinette does eventually knock down Sassi, but Sassi is back to her feet is pretty good time and is immediately on the attack. Doesn’t take Sassi too long to be in complete control of Antoinette. Antoinette can do nothing to stop the onslaught of punches coming from Sassi. Antoinette is just about knocked out but Sassi isn’t done. Sassi picks her up one more time. She delivers a few more punches to Antoinette chin, just to make sure she’s out for the night.

First thing i got to say is, Sassi is in crazy shape! Her muscles have muscles making every part of her look extremely strong. I really like the way Sassi sells while she was letting Antoinette get her punches in. It looked just like it was supposed to. You can tell that Antoinette was having an effect on Sassi but it just wasn’t gonna be enough. Then when Sassi takes over, she definitely looks powerful enough to dominate Antoinette and Antoinette sells really good. I liked the talk between the two. Sassi says something about a family member of Antoinette that made me laugh. A pretty interesting video, it’s not often that you see Antoinette lose a match and a want to see where this is going to go. I wonder if they are actually going to go after Tara.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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