Review of Mutiny vs Erika – Punch Out!

Review of Mutiny vs Erika – Punch Out!

Here is a kind of unique match up. You have Mutiny going against Erika in what i call a “let me punch you in the face” match, because that what happens. Mutiny is allowed a few minutes to just punch Ericka in the face and see what happens and what happens is, nothing. Erika eats up ever single punch without any effect. In fact, I think Mutiny was more exhausted from throwing all those punch than Erika was from taking them. Next round is Erika’s turn to give some punches and it doesn’t take long to notice that Erika’s punch are having an effect on Mutiny. Ericka how ever does not slow down and Mutiny start to get dazed. Soon Mutiny is out on her feet than down on her knees where Erika still doesn’t stop, she hits Mutiny with a bunch more punches before untying Mutiny’s top before picking her up to her feet just to knock her out cold after a few more punches to the face, for the easy 10 count.

Such an interesting idea for a match, i don’t think I’ve seen a match where they just let their opponent just punch them in the face with out even trying to stop them. I like that it’s definitely different. I like how Erika pretty much laughed off Mutiny’s punches and than Mutiny selling her beatdown so great as she always does. I do think Erika taking punches was a bit longer than it needed to be and a few more knock downs would have been nice. A very cool, different boxing match.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

  • st

    ooop,No poor angel Mutiny being k.o^”^

  • sloan

    Wow.. mutiny is an amazing jobber.. thanks for the amazing review which made me see this awesome video 🙂