Review of Misty vs Lucky – Ebony v Ivory

Review of Misty vs Lucky – Ebony v Ivory

Here’s a good on for you guys, we have Lucky O’shea going up against Misty Stone in topless boxing match. The video start with an interview of the two contenders. Misty says she’s going to “whoop dat ass.” Lucky can’t seem to understand what Misty means, because she doesn’t speak Ebonics. The trash talk starts here and goes on and on and back and forth thought out the entire video. The actual boxing action follow the pattern of the trash talk. Both girls gain and lose control as they talk to much to stay in control. In fact sometimes it seems like they’d rather keep talking smack than remain in control of the match. so part one end with no real leader in the match.

Part two comes in two different parts. Each on having one of the girls coming out as the winner. They both have a round 3 overlap as it seemed to be the same round 3 in both clips. But the action and trash talk still flies just as much as the fists do. I saw Misty win 1st and prefer that one, but also enjoyed when Lucky won as well.

This is one where I think the trash talking had just as much of an effect on my enjoyment of the clips as the action did. I love all crap they talked in this. I laughed again and again just at the pure sillyness of their comments. I really liked the action even though sometimes i felt that would rather talk than fight, but the match still when well. as far as the separate endings go, I preferred Misty wining because Lucky sells her defeat better and Misty is a bit more funny. Although Lucky’s win was pretty funny too and Misty sells great as well.

Overall Score 8.5/10