Review of May the Best Girl Win!

Review of May the Best Girl Win!

This is a best of 3 KOs match, Becca vs Leann. They start out wearing tank tops, skirts, white high heel boots and taped fists. Round one is all punches to faces as Becca starts off in control and takes the chance to remove Leann’s tank top. Leann starts to reverse Becca’s punches taking control of the round, getting Becca’s tank top off before putting Becca out on the couch with a huge upper cut.

Leann is confident as she wakes Becca up for round two. She taunts Becca long enough for Becca to start fighting back. Leann can do nothing now to stop Becca’s punches as Becca dominates. Leann is almost out after a lot of punches and a few kicks. Becca takes advantage and removes Leann’s skirt and boots, than removes her own. A tight head scissors and a few punches before Becca lands her own KO uppercut to give her the win for round two.

Round three starts and Becca throws Leann in the ring and makes Leann, who is still a little out of it, show off her muscles as she flexes next to Leann, bragging about how much stronger she looks. Just as Becca winds up to lay out Leann, Leann comes too enough to block Becca’s punch. Leann now takes control and doesn’t give Becca another chance as she uses wrestling moves now to dominate Becca for a while. After some great torturing submission holds Leann forces Becca to kiss her arms, belly and legs, bragging how much stronger she is then Becca. A big Knee lays Becca down followed but a lot of punches to the face that leave Becca KO’d and twitching on the mat, giving Leann the round and match win.

A wonderful match, I really enjoyed the outfits and the removal of said outfits through the match. Becca’s KO laying he over the couch one of my highlights of the match. I really like her reaction and ending position of that. I’m a big fan of punches and there were a ton of great punches here, mostly to the face, some to the belly. The last round is the round that makes this video awesome. Its always great to see Becca on the losing end of a wrestling match. She sells so good, they both did really, but Becca does most of the losing in this one. The final KO is the best, Leann just landing punches to Becca’s face till she’s 100% out and twitching, that just awesome and she was twitching for a while after Leann had left her.

Overall Score: 9/10