Review of Lucky O’Shea vs Joey Kaos – Not So Lucky Training Day!

Review of Lucky O’Shea vs Joey Kaos – Not So Lucky Training Day!

We see Lucky working out in the ring, just as she’s wrapping up Joey walks up complaining about her work out technique. He makes her try some push ups, which she comically fails. He then decides they should wrestle, giving Lucky a chance to prove herself. A back and forth battle ensues where Joey is in control most of the time but Lucky won’t go down with out a fight. Lucky had moments of control but they were all short lived as Joey uses he massive strength advantage to turn the tides back in his favor. When Joey has finally had enough of this back and forth nonsense he drops luck on her head in a incredibly impressive piledriver, but one is not enough as he picks up Lucky, who is still totally out and puts her in another piledriver. Joey then rolls her from the ring and boasts the camera before leaving.

I love Lucky, she is one hell of a performer. This match is even more proof of that as if you need it. She plays this silly innocent little wrestler, it really cute and funny. She sells so good, her body and face as just so expressive is just makes is so easy to see how she’s feeling. The match was a bit more back and forth than i would have wanted but the ending totally made up for that. Two great piledrivers, one even better then the 1st and Lucky being totally out for the 2nd one just makes it that much better. I don’t have much from Lucha Girls, but I’ll definitely be back for more soon.

Overall Score: 8/10


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