Review of Limp Kymberly

Review of Limp Kymberly Part 1 & Part 2

Just like the other one i just reviewed this one is basically the same idea. We have Kymberly Jane just relaxing on a couch when a man walks up and chokes her out. We get to see it this time as Kym kicks and claws with her eyes wide and tongue out. Once she’s out, it’s the same story. Her bikini get taken off, well eventually and she gets her face tongue and body played with. In part 2 she gets carried from the couch to the floor than the limp play continues for ten more minutes.

This one I enjoyed much more than the 1st one for two reasons, mainly. One is that we do get to see the strangle and Kym sold it so great and Two, is because this one is cut into 2 pieces, each one being about 10 minutes, which just feels perfect. I also happen to be a huge fan of Kym Jane, so i might be a little bit bias, but nonetheless, this one is my favorite out of the two.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


  • Since you’re a Kym Jane fan , you might enjoy a goofy knockout video she and Cali Logan shot for me a few years ago . It’s available in Cali’s clips4sale store , and I think she titled it ‘Punch Drunk Pals ‘ . It’s good silly fun and both girls are first rate performers .

    • Been there, done that! I saw it a while ago and i thought it was pretty fun and very silly. i don’t have the vid anymore because of hard drive failures, otherwise i probably would review it.