Review of Limp Kobe

Review of Limp Kobe

Got a quick and easy one for you guys, in this one we have Kobe Lee sitting on a bed, when a random guy comes up and chokes her out. We don’t get to see that part as it fades to black when it starts and comes back when she’s out. What happens for the rest of the video is a lot of limp play, mainly a lot of playing with her face, mouth and tongue as it is sticking out for the entire video. She is also almost immediately stripped of her bikini. About halfway through she is carried to a couch and the limp play continues. She never wakes up and there’s no dialog.

I grabbed this one because i love the whole tongue sticking out thing and limp play. This video how ever is a bit too long for what happening. Its about 20 mins and i think it was about 10 mins when i started wanting something else to happen. I would have liked to see the choke out too because there could have been some good selling there and it kind of sucks to miss that. Overall for at little less than $15 this is not a bad video for fans of limp play, face play or tongues sticking out.

Overall Score: 6.5/10


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