Review of Layla Meets Mystique

Review of Layla Meets Mystique

Mystique is at it again and this time the poor girl fooled into showing up for this match, is Layla. Just like those that have fallen at the hands of Mystique before, the second Layla sees Mystique she know she can’t win and start to head for the door. Of course Mystique isn’t going to let that happen. Not when she has another pretty blonde jobber, ripe for the picking. So once Mystique gets her hand on Layla, this all over but the crying. Mystique is never happier than she is while dominating these poor girls. She absolutely demolishes Layla from start to finish, using her impressive power and size advantage to repeatedly KO Layla till finally after a double piledriver, Mystique is satisfied.

I cannot get enough of these videos! The amount of joy Mystique clearly has while destroying these poor girls is incredible. She is such a great heel, definitely a favorite heel of mine. Layla does a great job selling this too. I know she still kind of new around here, but she is already looking comfortable in these kinda roles, so, she’s only going to get better from here. So please, please, please more of these kind of matches. I look forward to the next one. Maybe Mystique will have to take on two girls, trying to combine their forces, but still fail to give her any kind of challenge. Who knows, but i can’t wait.

Overall Score: 9/10


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  1. klaas says:

    well i hope Layla will get her revange some day! i am ready to help her if neccesary

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