This is a huge video as there are 8 clips in all. Each one features different ways for poor Keri to end up on the losing end. That’s right, Keri loses each and every one of these clips. So get comfortable this is going to take a while.

Clips one i called HUGGED. Some guy traps Keri in a bearhug and just doesn’t let her go. He squeezed her for about 5 mins. She gets pretty weak but never passes out before the clip ends. So its just one long hug.

For me this one is the weakest of the set but its a good look at Keri’s body. If she went out and was being ragdolled in the bearhug would have been better. this one just feels uneventful, but its pretty short which is the good.

The 2nd clip is called THE BET. Keri takes on Jackson as Raven and Bri make bets on who will win. Bri bets on Keri to win. Keri starts of in control stretching and squeezing Jackson as the other girls root them on. Keri was looking good but suddenly Jackson locks on a sleeper and its all over for Keri. Bri is pissed and goes to sleeper Jackson. Raven decides the best way to help is to put a sleeper on Bri. Both Jackson and Bri go out and Raven leaves all 3 girls laid out on the mats.

I really like the betting part of this one, because Bri and Raven are in the room cheering the girls adds some fun to this one. Love the long sleeper for Keri and the double sleeper for Jackson and Bri makes a great final scene with all the girl laid out.

Clip Number 3 is SHE HAS HEART. It starts with Keri in control but a couple of shots to the gut and a chop to the neck has Keri down on her knees. SK slaps on an iron claw to weaken Keri before more belly punishment that leads to a heart punch that floors Keri. She isn’t out yet so SK slaps on a iron claw till she is. Than a pin and victory pose to end the clip.

A simple clip, great selling from Keri especially during the last iron claw. i love that long slow KO

Clip 4 is BOXING KERI and SK makes beating Keri look easy as he is in complete control from beginning till end. Keri doesn’t want to stay down but eventually has no choice as she is out cold.

One of my favorite clips of the bunch as i love boxing vids and Keri does outstanding in this one. Slowly getting weaker and eventually being too weak to defend herself, its all extremely well done.

Clip 5 is called THE BLUE DRESS. Keri is in a blue dress and is getting ready to change before he match with SK, but SK doesn’t let that happen as he attacks her when she turns to pick up her wrestling attire. what follows in a one sided beatdown. Keri never stood a chance as she is eventually put out for the night with a piledriver.

Got to love the fact that Keri gets destroyed in a dress. There is something you don’t see everyday and something i don’t think I’ve seen since. Other than the dress its just a really good regular squash.

The 6th clip is THE GLASSES STAY. This time its Angelina and Keri ready to go at it. SK notices that Angelina still has her glasses on and asks if she want to take them off. Angelina says she doesn’t have to because Keri won’t get the chance to knock them off. She was right as she goes on to complete dominate Keri through two rounds of wrestling, leavening her out cold and her glasses untouched.

Another great one sided match. This one i really liked. Angelina talked crap at the beginning but backed it up 100% during the match and more great selling from Keri.

Clip 7 is called SNEAK ATTACK THWARTED. Keri upset from her her beating before in THE BLUE DRESS and is already in her bikini and challenges SK to a rematch. SK accepts the challenge than turns his back on Keri. She takes advantage of this attacking SK. She works over SK for a while but than starts searching through SK’s desk, giving him the time to recover. He lands a low blow and the downward spiral begins for Keri. SK gets his revenge and even make Keri verbal admit her defeat before putting her to bed for the night.

Of course i didn’t care for the part where Keri had control but overall that was very short lived. Some great holds in this one and beating the confidence and anger out of Keri till the point that she verbally submits is absolutely great.

The last clip is a section of an uncompleted custom where Angelina is using body splashes to knock the wind out of Keri. Keri fights back trapping Angelina in a bearhug, which Angelina reverses with a bearhug of her own than a front sleeper that puts Keri out. A few more body splashes to make sure Keri is out than a pin and a victory pose ends this one.

This was a surprise extra because it is not on the video description page and although short in length has some great content. This may have been the birth of the “overkill” as Angelina gives Keri a few belly splashes after she’s out. Some really great reactions from Keri there.

The whole thing overall is really good. I love seeing Keri lose and she loses all of these matches, that is major plus points. Also she look outstanding as always and sells perfectly every single time. If you’re a Keri fan than this need to be in your collection.

Overall Score: 9/10