Review of Kayla Sw0rd & Arrow Battles

Review of Kayla Sw0rd & Arrow Battles

Kayla brings us another vid with multiple play death scenes. This time, she gets in sword fights and bow and arrow battles. Most of the swords fights are done POV, with some comically flimsy plastic swords. For the arrow battles, Kayla just pretends to fire and get hit by invisible arrows. Almost every “death” Kayla gets stabbed in the belly. She grabs at her exposed midriff as she her last words. Basically the same thing happens for the arrow battles except you are either just watching her or being taken down with her. For most of the video Kayla wears a short tank that exposed her belly and jean shorts with the top button undone. Than about half way though everything but her panties comes off as the action continues.

This is another one where Kayla nails it. This time she plays more cute and innocent and not too silly. I love the jean shorts, there is something really sexy about the button being undone. Lots of great close ups of her toned belly, as she stretches out or is bent over backwards. A few scenes Kayla is not fighting against you, but along sides you and there you guys go down together, those are all great. As you lay beside her on the ground you get great close ups of Kayla’s face as she plays through her death. A great vid for close ups of Kayla and her body or anyone who like play deaths in sentry like video.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


  • Love this video. Lots of quick fencing scenes of K getting stabbed, falling & “dying”. She does helpless really well.

    • She does a lot very well. Like being unbelievably cute and innocent.