Review of Kasey’s Your Punching Bag

Review of Kasey’s Your Punching Bag

If you never seen one of these punching bag videos, you need to. Basically whats happening in these vids is you have paid or somehow otherwise coerced a member of the FWR staff to be your practice punching bag for the day. In this case you have the gorgeous Kasey, standing in the ring ready for you.

Kasey has a game for you 1st before she agrees to be your punching bag. She says the 1st one to get knocked down has to be the others punching bag, you agree. Kasey get 2 punches in than an uppercut from you, knocks her off the feet. She admits that she has lost and agrees to be your punching bag. You have he stand in the corner and begin to work on her stomach. Doesn’t take long to have Kasey down and out. You put her through several series of punches and knockouts. For the last Knockout, you trap Kasey in the ropes and work her over from the outside of the ring. Than a huge uppercut puts Kasey out for the night.

I really enjoy this series. I’m a big fan of POV matches where “you” are the victor. Kasey is awesome. She is very pretty and sells good. I like that cute little game Kasey offered at the beginning. It gave a reason for her being your punching bag and it was funny. There’s a good amount of KOs and is overall a great POV boxing video.

Overall Score: 8.5/10