This is a big match with a lots of big names. So in the interest of time, I’m just going to quickly try to summarize this battle. Not giving all the moves but just the idea of what happened in each round.

So of course you have Jennifer Blake in a gauntlet style match versus The Radiant Rain, Amber O’Neal, Mary McKnight, and Tracy Jordan. In the first round Jan has a bit of a tough time with the pros, Rain and Amber, but completely wipes the floor with Mary and Tracy.

Round 2 puts Jen versus two and of course they team the pros together for the best chance of taking Jen down. Rain and Amber really beat the crap out of Jen but it’s never enough to keep Jen out. A sudden, impressive reversal sends both pros to be dream land. Next up is Mary and Tracy. They never stood a chance as Jen plays with them for a while before finally putting them both out for good.

Round 3 and it’s all for one as all four girls have the chance to take down Jen, but after the last two rounds these four girls are not standing one steady legs. Jen uses Rain as a weapon to get the others off their feet. Than 4 super kicks make sweet chin music as Jen puts them all down and out. Jen piles then up as a conscious Amber struggles on the bottom of the pile and Jen take her final victory pose.

This has got to be one of my favorite gauntlet matches, mainly because of the lopsided action. Tracy and Mary never stood a chance against Jen while Amber and Rain got so close many times, but just couldn’t close it out. I don’t think there has ever been a gauntlet match where the heel had so much trouble, I really enjoyed that. This is a video full of very big names and is definitely worth taking a look at. There is a ton of action with KOs, unique submission holds and enough super kicks for everyone.

Overall Score: 9/10