Review of Invisible Wrestling

Review of Invisible Wrestling

Came across a good one that i thought you guys needed to know about. Sumiko made her own invisible wrestling video, just like the one we all loved from SKW. I say “just like,” but this one is a quite different. Sumiko first talks to us about how she always wanted to be a jobber and loves losing and being humiliated. She than begins to narrate her own destruction, talking her way through some wrestling stuff and belly attacks with some great overkill stuff included as well. She goes through a few pins and plenty of KOs. In fact she’s pretty much out of for most of the video.

This is a great, great video. She doesn’t go through the kind of power moves that she did in SKW, but makes up for that with some great overkill stuff and sexy positions. She sells all this extremely well. Her narrations talk about not only what’s happening to her but also how she’s feeling about what’s going on. I was really rather impressed with this whole thing, her outfit, her selling, her narration, the moves and positions she puts herself through, all extremely well done. You guys have got to check this one out its definitely worth it.

Overall Score: 9.9/10


  • I also watched this video. I agree it is very good. Just like her Sleeperkid video with a similar scene, Sumiko does extremely well getting beaten by invisible opponents. lol.

    And you know that is the true definition of a jobber. Someone who even loses to imaginary opponents 😉

  • sl0an

    Now that’s how u get beaten by a invisible opponent.. sumiko is just the best in doing this.. way to go mate.. thanks for sharing this