Review of Immerse Yourself: with Remi Part 2

Review of Immerse Yourself: with Remi Part 2

In this one, you play a spy on a mission to gather something from a location, But before you can get it, your rival, Remi, comes in after the same item. You and Remi have a confrontation where she, unsurprisingly, ends out out could on the floor. You continue your KO barrage till she is begging you to stop, but you KO her a few more times just to make sure she won’t mess with you again.

Remi is one of my favorites, she is always a great performer. She makes great faces and reactions. This video is an exact example of why i love her. I’m a huge fan of the outfit as well, it looks awesome on Remi and the black knee high boots are a great addition. This is my new favorite of the Immerse Yourself series. I cannot wait to see more of Remi and more Immerse Yourself videos.

Overall Score: 9.5/10


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