In this round based battle with Sumiko vs Avery, things start off back and forth. Sumiko taps out to give Avery the first round win. Sumiko is clearly disappointed that she tapped in the 1st round. Looking to prove herself, Sumiko challenges Avery to a test of strength. Avery, not interested in a test of strength, knees Sumiko in the belly, giving Avery the head start in this round. Sumiko has very little offense in this rounds and soon taps out again. Next round begins and Sumiko is mad. Sumiko is very aggressive and gains control for most of this round but Avery is not giving out that easy as She takes control back from Sumiko and forces yet another tap out. Starting next round and Avery is in control right away, but Sumiko, determined to win at least one round, fights back nailing a piledriver that KOs Avery. Sumiko goes for the her split pin, thinking shes got the win, but Avery somehow kicks out and eventually hits a stunner on Sumiko. This KOs Sumiko and gives Avery another round win. Avery has to wake up Sumiko for the next round and does it in a very humiliating fashion, dragging her around by her hair and spanking her for a little. Sumiko still out of gives up another pin to Avery. Avery goes straight from the pin to a KO sleeper to end this round. Sumiko is back on her feet for the next round and she is clearly frustrated. Sumiko hits this awesome move the KOs Avery. She goes for the pin but again Avery kicks out. Angry, Sumiko misses a wild punch that give Avery control again and soon Avery KOs Sumiko again for one more pin and another round win. Avery is getting cocky now and a very upset Sumiko takes advantage of this and takes control for the start of this round. Sumiko stays in control for a while and really has Avery reeling. She puts Avery through a lot of submission holds nearly knocking her our several times, but Sumiko makes another mistake and Avery takes control with a punch to Sumiko’s gut. Avery doesn’t waste too much time as she soon puts Sumiko in another sleeper that puts Sumiko out cold again. Sumiko barely kicks out of this pin, but Avery has a quick fix for that, trapping Sumiko in a tight head scissors that puts Sumiko out again, Avery skips the final pin and goes straight for victory pose than heads out, leaving Sumiko face down and out cold.

This is an awesome match. I love how hard Sumiko was trying to get at least one round win but Avery just wouldn’t let her have it. Avery kicking out of every pin attempt and taking advantage of Sumiko every chance she got. Its all extremely well done as every move is performed well and sold expertly. Even the frustration that Sumiko gains as the match went on was clear to see. Also, Avery confidence growing was easy to see as well. I think the outfits in this one is the added bonus, because a match done this well would be great no matter what the girls had on, but add in the fact that they wore nothing but their bras and thongs makes this a match for the history books and definitely one every wrestling fan should own. You might have to contact Sumiko directly because i didn’t see it on her C4S store.

Overall Score: 9.5/10


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