Review of Hit The Mat C-10 Cali vs Darrius

Review of Hit The Mat C-10 Cali vs Darrius

So, I am reviewing this one, because, I requested it!

This is a great boxing match from Hit The Mat with Darrius Vs Cali, in a most knockdowns in 10 rounds wins match. Cali is a little too anxious to get the match started as she jumps the bell and goes to attack Darrius. Darrius just defends himself from her weak punches, trying to get her to wait for the bell in her corner. His words fall on deaf ears and she continues to swing her useless punches. While she’s swinging away, the bell ring and Darrius give he a solid punch that sits Cali down half out out it, that gives Darrius a round one win. What follows is Cali being beaten in ever single round. I don’t think Cali even lands one punch and spends a lot of time KO’d on the canvas.

This for me is the “best of” style boxing match. Its just KO after KO after KO and it is all sold expertly but the veteran jobber, Cali Logan. She is just outstanding in every way as she fails at boxing. While Darrius just keeps swinging away at her face and body, talking junk the whole time. If you a boxing fan, than is one is a must own.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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  1. This was an awesome match, Cali Logan always delivers.

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