We fade in on Gia Primo and Alisa stretching out, waiting for Baunfire to show up. They have apparently hired Baunfire just to kick their asses for a while, which they confess when Baunfire shows up. Baunfire has no problem filling the girls wishes. Two quick sidewalk slams has both Gia and Alisa out cold. Baunfire than starts dropping leg drops on Alisa who never woke up after the sidewalk slam. Than after a quick pin Baunfire is on to Gia with the same treatment. Baunfire did try to wake up Gia but she was right back out after they first leg drop. Another quick pin marks the end of round one.

Round 2 beings with Alisa taking belly punches that lead to a clothesline that puts Alisa out cold. Gia I’d up next for her belly punches and clothesline ending with the same results. Both Gia and Alisa take their share of multiple karate chops to the neck followed by a quick pin to end round 2.

Round 3 starts with Gia running straight into Baunfire’s waiting bearhug that puts Gia out easily but Baunfire isn’t done. She continues to squeeze on Gia while Alisa waits her turn. Baunfire is finally confident that Gia is done and then allows Alisa to fall into the very same trap Gia did. Alisa suffers the same fate. Two quick pins finishes round 3.

Round 4 is off and this time it’s a sleeper for Alisa, who is quickly put out. Than Gia’s ready for her sleeper as Baunfire easily take Gia out as well. She now hands out heart pushes to both KO’d girls. A double pin wraps up round 4. Baunfire is quite done yet and she stacks the girls on top of each other, makes a phone call to make sure that she has been paid for her time, puts one more leg drop on both victims and leaves them there for the night.

This video really surprised me, I didn’t think it was going to be this good. I knew I was going to like it, but I didn’t think I was going to love it. I love that this one has a good dose of an overkill match. Lots of leg drops at the beginning on both KO’d victims, than the bearings and the heart punches. Definitely something to help hold us over till we get a full blown overkill video. I also like how Gia and Alisa are wiling victims, never really fighting back and waiting their turn as their partner gets put out. Also, it’s not uncommon to see one girl or the other laid out in the background while Baunfire works on the other. I normally rather have Gia play a heel, but in this case she rocked the jobber role much to my satisfaction, as did Alisa. I’m a huge fan of these outfits, both girls look outstanding. Now on to Baunfire, she is a favorite “all purpose” performer for me. She is super sexy and knows how to sell a jobber role and she is tall, strong, really knows how to overpower her opponents and having a great time as she’s doing it as well. But as always eyerolling is my favorite thing and in this one and Alisa has that locked down, no contest, so she is my favorite in this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10