Review of HELENA vs KERI

Review of HELENA vs KERI

Doing another throwback review with Helena Vs Keri. Helena starts off in control and stays in control getting KOs and pins, so long that you start to wonder if Keri well get any offense in at all. Just as you think Helena going to be in control the entire time, Keri finds a way to take control. Now it Keri’s chance to even the score and she definitely gets close to taking the lead, but Helena is not done yet. Helena manages to take control back and start gaining KOs and pins again. Just as Helena is about to wrap this match up Keri makes one last attempt to regain control. Keri does get control, but it very short live as Helena take control back. Helena traps Keri in a pedigree that forces a submission from Keri. Helena still gives Keri the pedigree and get her final pin.

There is also a bonus match with Helena and Harmony. It starts off back and forth but not too long into the match Helena takes control and keeps it winning the match fairly easily as she leaves Harmony laid out on the mats.

Overall a good clip. I like the main match, of course, the best. Its a good way to do a back and forth match when you have the time. I don’t remember how old this match is exactly, but the pedigree don’t have the impact/rarity to force someone to give up a match now a days. The selling is good, Keri is awesome and Helena does not disappoint. The second match was simple, good action and a great KO at the end. Keri and Helena are solid performers, always a safe bet with those too.

Overall Score: 8/10