Review of Giselle Takes Out Carrie

Review of Giselle Takes Out Carrie

Rick is tired of Carrie’s attitude, thinking she’s the toughest, prettiest girl in FWR. So, Rick hires Giselle to put Carrie in her place. Giselle is tall, dark and gorgeous, definitely a great pick for the job. Giselle jumps into action but attacking Carrie in the dressing room. Carrie is easily taken down by her larger attacker and is carried from the room. Back out in the ring area Giselle continues to KO Carrie again and again with no effort. After a good beating Rick come back to see the job is done. He pays Giselle for her services. He carries Carrie to the dressing room and explains what just happened to her and why. Carrie don’t take the reasoning very well and gives Rick a shot to the eye before the end of the vid.

A great vid, i like the story idea a lot. Giselle looks awesome and her outfit makes her look even better. She is big enough to be a great heel and small enough to loss a match every now and than. I think she’s about the same size as Amo. Carrie sells awesome as always. She gets KO’d a lot in this video, as the KOs where coming fast and furious. The POV carry at the end is awesome and poor Carrie’s face as she was being scolded by Rick was adorable. It made me laugh when Carrie gave Rick a punch after she found out want happened. I don’t think she’s learned her lesson.

Overall Score: 9/10

  • Wow.., this is an awesome clip!The bigger Giselle looks so sexy dominating the smaller Carrie. Would have really enjoyed to see Giselle get dominated though.. Not sure if there were any matches to where she was dominated on Fem Wrestling Rooms. If there is; it would be great if you could post. Thanks B.N. Da Supa Mark. Appreciate your work brother.

    • I have no idea. I haven’t even heard either of those two names in quite a long time. I’d have search around.
      Also, you’re welcome.