Review of Game Over Knockouts

Review of Game Over Knockouts

It doesn’t really get much more simple than this. Kayla gets KO’d by an invisible opponent. We just see the final impact and her passing out, rinse and repeat. There’s a little bit of twitching in some of them and in one she tries again and again to get up but fails eventfully passing out, simple but works.

Simple as this is, I like it. There is zero dialog, or set up. I kind of wish she would say something about whats happening to her. There are a good handful of KOs and a few different positions, but she didn’t do the fan favorite butt in the air pose. I loved the one where she kept trying to get back up, watching her struggle is great and there’s good close ups of each KO. Also, as a plus its a cheap clip because its a short clip and a good thing its short because if it was longer it could get boring, quickly. So for less than $10 its worth it.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


  • sloan

    i think sumiko and anna marrie are the best at this.. they nailed it in skw.. btw looks like a good attempt by kayla.. thanks for the review 🙂