Review of FWR’s Fun With Knives IV

Review of Fun With Knives IV

This is a great change of pace compared to your everyday FWR video. In this one Payton and Becca play out a bunch of short scenes where they stab each other. It’s made clear that the knives the girls are using are fake. They act out there deaths with a little bit of a twitch at the end. Outfits are switch around a lot and so are the scenes and sometimes Payton wins, sometime Becca wins, sometimes they both lose or they get taken down POV style.

I love this as something different to see from FWR and crew. Both girls do great selling their own demise. My favorite scenes are, Romeo and Juliet, Becca mad for losing a bet and the practicing for Becca’s acting role, just to name a few. A great, fun vid that is executed very nicely and a great vid for changing things up a bit.

Overall Score: 9/10