Review of Final Test Part 2

Review of Final Test Part 2

Part 2 starts as Sumiko walks into her mat room, she’s wearing yoga pants and a tank top. She stretches as she waits for her trainer. The trainer shows up and the fight is on. Sumiko gets of a couple swings but nothing lands. The trainer gets a few punches in and Sumiko gets knocked off her feet but she’s not out. Sumiko tries and tries and but keeps getting knocked down. Eventually, Sumiko is down and out and the trainer is at it again, feeling up on Sumiko’s KO’d body. She is flipped over and dragged around while her body is played with. Minutes later Sumiko springs back to life with a syringe in hand, she tries to stick the trainer with it but the trainer easily turns the needle on Sumiko and in no time Sumiko is laid out again. Once again begins groping Sumiko again, this time peeling some clothes off in the process. Sumiko starts to come to but the trainer smothers her back out and prepares a chloro rag for Sumiko. The trainer wakes up Sumiko and she struggles back to her feet. The trainer tries to chloroform Sumiko, but Sumiko grabs the rag a threatens the trainer with it. Of course the trainer out does Sumiko and Sumiko is the one with the rag stuffed in her face. Once she’s out, trainer is back at it again, feeling up her body and taking off more clothes and than handcuffs Sumiko. Sumiko is out for a while this time, but shortly after the cuffs go on Sumiko wakes back up. Even cuffed Sumiko still wants to fight but a little chloro fixes that. Now Sumiko is out on her feet and the trainer helps himself again to more of Sumiko’s body. A little more chloro has Sumiko begging for mercy. What Sumiko gets is as more chloro which put her out cold and her trainer gets more play time with her body. When Sumiko wakes up she upset that she’s failed her test. She asks for some water but after she drinks some, she’s suddenly woozy again. She passes out again and the trainer helps himself to one more helping of some KO’s sexy Sumiko.

Such a great follow up to part one this video. I was kind of hoping for a much more fighting in this one, but that is not a complaint. More of the same great stuff that happened in part one is not a bad thing. 30 more minutes of Sumiko being knocked out and felt up is definitely something i want to see.

Overall Score: 9/10


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