Review of Final Test Part 1

Review of Final Test Part 1

Agent Sumiko is ready for her final test to become a spy. Sumiko’s trainer has other plans for her though. Her 1st test is to check two drinks and to drink the one that isn’t tainted. Of course the trainer drugs both drinks. Sumiko check the drinks and final sips one. In just a few moments for the drugs take effect as Sumiko gets woozy and than passes out. The trainer than helps himself to many handfuls of the KO’s Sumiko body and she is out for a while. When she finally comes to she takes second to clear her head and prepare for the next test. Next test is a drug resistant test and the trainer shows Sumiko the antidote bottle before he sticks her with a syringe. Takes just seconds for the drugs to start to work and the trainer taunts Sumiko with the antidote bottle, keeping it just out of reach. Sumiko falls to the ground, weak, as she tries to get the bottle from the trainer. Eventually Sumiko does get the bottle, but the bottle is empty as she finally succumbs to the drugs. Once again the trainer gropes Sumiko’s body. Few minutes later, Sumiko is up again slightly upset about her last test, but prepares herself for the next test. This next test is chloro resistance test. The trainer puts a little chloro on a rag and sticks it Sumiko’s face. Sumiko almost passes out but stays conscious and goes for round 2. This time she falls to the ground. Still not out but closer than last time. Back on her feet again, she leaves for a second to freshen up. While she’s gone the trainer puts a lot more chloro on the rag. When Sumiko is back she’s ready to go again. This time Sumiko goes right out cold, giving the trainer a chance to feel up Sumiko again. This time the trainer starts to take her clothes off but Sumiko starts to wake up before he done. A quick hit on the head puts Sumiko back out and the trainer picks back up where he left off taking off Sumiko’s dress and playing with her limp body. The trainer eventually has had enough. Sumiko’s dress magically reappears as Sumiko wakes back up. The trainer gives her a paper informing her that there is a part two to her test and the next part is focused on combat. Sumiko seems happy and hopeful as she’s off to prepare for her next session of testing.

This is a super sexy vid as there is just tons of groping. Sumiko’s body is outstanding an this is a great close up look a pretty much every bit of it. Sumiko’s selling is perfect, although nothing over the top. so, no tongue out, no excessive eye rolling, twitching or drooling. Which is the only think that could make this better because Sumiko is just so good at that stuff and i just can’t get enough of it. Anyway, I like how long this video is and it never seem slow. there’s enough going on at all times, which can be difficult for a video like this. I look forward to seeing part 2. I think the combat section will be pretty epic.

Overall Score: 9/10


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