We are outside again, this time, Jordynne Grace and Anne Marie are about to face off. Just like the last time we were outside, the most pins wins. Right off the bat the piledrivers start flying as this back and forth battle ensues. A lot of different kind of piledrives and a lot of different great pins, but neither girl really has control. Eventually Anne knows she’s got to do something big to finish Jordynne off. so what does she do? She gets Jordynne up in a piledriver, walks her over to the concrete and despite SK begging her not to, piledrivers Jordynne on the solid patio floor. Her final pin is cut off but I’m pretty sure Jordynne wasn’t going anywhere.

Lots of piledrives in this one, each one topped off with a pin and they are coming at you fast. I think, a little too fast as you don’t really get time to enjoy each KO as much as I’d like. That and the piledrives seem ineffective as each girl can quickly shack off the previous piledriver. That being said, the ending is absolutely mind blowing. If it wasn’t crazy enough that they were doing piledriver outside, but now on the concrete. That is just wild. I never even thought that was possible much less something I’d ever see.

Overall Score: 8/10


  • PPman

    You are right in that the pins came too fast and we didnt really get to enjoy the aftermath of each piledriver. Maybe next time the victor can take a few seconds to admire her work after each piledriver. Still, Anne-Marie did a great job in selling and Jordynne wasnt too bad either.

    • Yes, the both did great and I love the outside idea, it just need to slow down a tad and would be much better.

  • David Henderson.

    Liked the Ending With The Piledriver on the Concrete, With Anne Marie Winning And Leaving Jordynne Grace Dead As A Doorknob!!!!!

    • I believe that saying goes. dead and a “doornail,” but either way you are right that ending was outstanding!